The results are in, and they are impressive: our Holy Boss Cap technology demonstrated a 2.1% improvement in efficiency following our latest cavitation tunnel test campaign. This marks a significant stride towards our commitment to enhancing marine propulsion systems, not only in performance but also in environmental impact.

Our journey within this highly reputed test facility, known for its state-of-the-art facilities, allowed us to put our design through rigorous testing, ensuring reliable, real-world performance data. The improvement signifies not just fuel savings but also a step forward in reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint.

As we navigate through the waves of innovation, we remain focused on delivering solutions that align with global sustainability goals. Whilst 2.1% is a lower value then those predicted by CFD simulations, there exists a potential impact of scale effect for the results acquired during the model scale tests. In order to address this, we are planning a second cavitation tunnel test campaign in March 2024 with enlarged Holy Boss cap holes to enable sufficient flow through even at scaled model size.

It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and the collaborative spirit of the industry in pursuit of a greener tomorrow.