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EcoMarine Innovations is a pioneering research group in the department of naval architecture, ocean and marine engineering at University of Strathclyde, dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies for the global maritime industry.


Maritime Challenges

The maritime sector is grappling with a trio of formidable challenges: fuel inefficiency, environmental impacts, and high operational costs. Traditional energy efficiency solutions and outdated technologies have fallen short, leaving shipowners and operators in a constant struggle to meet sustainability goals effectively.

Environmental Concerns

Harmful emissions, excessive fuel consumption, and the environmental impact of maritime operations have raised concerns globally. The maritime industry faces the urgent task of reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating the harmful effects on marine ecosystems


Outdated Solutions

Existing solutions have failed to keep pace with the industry’s evolving needs. Ship owners and operators need innovative, practical, and eco-conscious technologies to navigate the turbulent waters of modern maritime challenges. 

Operational Costs & Compliance

Stringent regulatory requirements add complexity and costs to maritime operations. Compliance with emissions regulations is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. But achieving this while maintaining profitability is a balancing act that needs a new approach.

Our solution

Introducing the

Holy Boss Cap

Our answer to the industry’s emissions abatement challenge is the Holy Boss Cap, a revolutionary hydrodynamic energy-saving device that sets a new standard in efficiency, compliance, and profitability.

The Holy Boss Cap reduces emissions and fuel consumption by eliminating propeller hub vortex cavitation, helping towards compliance with environmental regulations and a cleaner planet.

Stricter regulations and rising operational costs have left ship owners and operators searching for answers. The Holy Boss Cap is the key to achieving compliance while maintaining profitability.

Traditional methods have failed to keep pace with the industry’s needs. Our innovative technologies offer a fresh approach to efficiency and sustainability

Enhancing Efficiency

Ensuring Compliance

Boosting Profitability

Our Reach: Transforming Efficiency and Sustainability

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Meet the Team

Our dedicated experts are the driving force behind EcoMarine Innovations. Together, we are reshaping the maritime industry and pioneering sustainability. Get to know the minds behind our groundbreaking solutions.

Dr. Batuhan Aktas

Dr. Batuhan Aktas

Chief Executive Office (CEO) and Entrepreneurial Lead.

Dr. Batuhan Aktas is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Entrepreneurial Lead at EcoMarine Innovations, bringing extensive leadership experience in the maritime industry to the team. As the CEO, he sets the company’s strategic vision and oversees business development, forging partnerships and driving growth. Dr. Aktas excels in team management, ensuring the right talent is in place, and excels in building crucial stakeholder relationships, contributing significantly to the project’s success.

Ahmet Gurkan

Ahmet Gurkan

Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA)

Ahmet Gurkan serves as the Principal Scientific Adviser at EcoMarine Innovations, playing a pivotal role in leading innovation and research efforts. He ensures that the company remains at the forefront of the maritime industry by incorporating the latest advancements in hydrodynamics and materials. Mr. Gurkan oversees the design and development of the company’s products, focusing on maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency. His technical leadership, research oversight, and commitment to quality assurance are key drivers of the project’s success.

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Our Patent Pending Technology










At EcoMarine Innovations, we take pride in our commitment to innovation. Our groundbreaking technology, the Holy Boss Cap, represents a significant leap forward in the maritime industry. Currently, our technology is in the patent pending stage, which highlights its unique and novel features.










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Experimental Validation of Holy Boss Cap

We’re proud to announce that EcoMarine Innovations has achieved a breakthrough with the Holy Boss Cap! Our recent experiments confirm a 2.1% boost in efficiency for a challenging test case with limited propeller hub vortex cavitation present. We are planning a second experimental test campaign in collaboration with a highly reputed test facility with enlarged Holy Boss cap holes to scrutinize potential scale effects.

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Navigating New Waters

EU Emissions Trading System

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) extension to maritime sectors marks a significant regulatory shift. This system mandates carbon emission quotas, where excess emissions require purchasing allowances.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Maritime companies must monitor, report, and verify emissions, integrating new operational practices.
  • Cost Implications: Increased costs from purchasing emission allowances or investing in cleaner technologies.
  • Innovation Drive: Promotes adoption of green technologies like methanol-fueled ships, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.
  • Market Dynamics: Alters competitive landscape, potentially benefiting early adopters of green technologies.

This regulation not only pushes the industry towards sustainable practices but also could reshape market competitiveness, emphasizing environmental responsibility.

Navigating Innovation, Sustainability, and Efficiency